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Friday, January 06, 2006

New Phone

I finally got my new phone yesterday, an LG PM325 from Sprint. They were offering a big credit, since I hadn't bought a phone in years. There still was a net. At first, they were going to credit my Sprint account. Then, they called back and wanted me to put it on my credit card. Since I didn't go to a local Sprint store, they said they'd send me the credit after I mailed back a rebate coupon, which would arrive with the phone. The phone arrived with no coupon. After 20 mins on hold, the next customer rep said to take the phone and invoice to a Sprint store and I'd get the credit instantly. It was 7pm, so I rushed over there. The manager said the main Sprint folks were wrong; he couldn't do that, since I didn't buy the phone there. He wanted me to ship the phone back to Sprint (they'd reimburse me later for the postage) and buy another one from him. Then, he give me an instant credit. I called the main Sprint number from the store and yelled at the rep. She immediately credited my account. What a pain, but the phone is nice.


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