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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Foolish Me

Boy, is my face red. If you unsuccessfully tried to view the videos I've posted since the end of February, I think I know the secret of your unsuccess.

Back when I started vlogging here, I modified the expert settings on iMovie, so that folks with Quicktime for Windows 6 could view them. You're welcome.

Last month, I sprung for iLife '06 and installed the newest version of iMovie HD. Unfortunately, in an extended "senior moment," I forgot to change the expert settings on the new version. Why didn't Apple import my old settings when I updated? Anyway, folks with Quicktime for Windows aren't able to see the newest videos. Admit it, you've missed them.

I'll try to go back and correct the problem, and repost the old videos so you will have something to watch to fill your days. Stay tuned.


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