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Monday, May 05, 2008

Monday Musings

What a lovely day, today! The temps are hovering around 70 and the flowers and trees are budding. The smell of freshly spread pine bark mulch is tickling my nose.

Yesterday, we went to a Style Invitational Losers brunch, a special one in honor of John O'Byrne, who is in from Dublin. Appropriately, we met him for brunch at The Dubliner in DC.

Then, we went with a group of senior citizens to see "Young@Heart." This is a great documentary about a group of seniors from Northampton, Massachusetts, who travel around the U.S. and Europe performing rock classics. Touch, but very affirming. I highly recommend it.

Today, I'm in the midst of a couple of doctors' appointments, postponed until after my retirement. The first one this morning went well, and I feel great. I go to another appointment this afternoon.

Tonight, I'm cooking panko-crusted tilapia, sauteed garden greens, and rice. After dinner, we'll bake a chocolate cake from scratch. Probably make the chocolate frosting from scratch, too.


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