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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon
Originally uploaded by Great Stone Face.
My cardiologist appointment yesterday afternoon went very well. I go back in a year.

This morning, I walked around our neighborhood for about 40 minutes. The flowers looked and smelled terrific. I didn't hear the birds singing or the dogs barking, though. I was listening through headphones to blues on my iPhone. Bessie Smith, mostly.

Still interested in my old job somewhat. Some colleagues testified late this morning before a House committee, so I watched the webcast for a couple of hours, after my morning walk.

Then, I drove to Mount Vernon, about 16 miles from home, and toured George Washington's estate for a couple of hours. The photo above was taken with my iPhone and cropped with iPhoto. I bought an annual pass, so I can go back again soon. Maybe next week. There were busses and busses and busses of tourists. I'll arrive much earlier next time.

Last evening, my wife and I made a chocolate cake from scratch for one of her colleague's birthday, and made the chocolate frosting from scratch, too. We put cooking dinner off until tonight. I'm baking panko-crusted tilapia, sauteeing garden greens (chard, spinach, mustard, etc.), and steaming jasmine rice. I brewed some ice tea before I left for Mount Vernon.


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