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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Making Punch

This is the Fish House Punch I made Friday from recipe I watched on Hilah Cooking. We served it Saturday night to 16 folks who came over to our house to play euchre. The euchre night and the punch both were big successes.

Gathering the ingredients: I made a few adjustments. The bottle of Jamaican rum was a few ounces short of the 32 ounces I needed for the recipe, so I added a few ounces of black Bermudian rum I had on the shelf. I used peach brandy instead of applejack. The cognac is French brandy, but not from the Cognac region (horrors!). Finally, not seen is the pear liqueur called for in the recipe. Virginia ABC stores don't sell that, so I went nonalcoholic and put in organic 100-percent pear juice. Those are only half the lemons I used -- I zested 28 lemons for this project. Builds strong arms.

Making the oleo-saccharum from 28 lemons and 3 cups of white sugar--

The oleo-saccharum--

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